[Samba] Winbind does not show all groups of all users

Dipl.-Ing. Péter Varkoly peter at varkoly.de
Mon Mar 16 16:19:00 UTC 2020

Am Montag, den 16.03.2020, 15:17 +0000 schrieb Rowland penny via samba:
> After deciphering the above, 
Sorry. evolution has reformatted my text :-(
> it is a known feature, only when a user 
> logs in can you be sure to get a full list of the users groups.
Very strange. I've recreated a new user and put it in all groups and he
was inmediately in all groups.
What does mean to log in? Is "smbclient //server/share -U user%pw"
Connecting "sta" with smbclient has access to all groups. 
Making su - sta ; id Not all groups will be shown.
> What is interesting are the ID's in the 4000000 range, why this range
> ?
By creating a new object we generate a new unix id and save it into the
 rfc2307 attributes: uidNumber,gidNumber. We wanted to separate this
from the winbind "automatic" id-s. If a user or group has an unix-id
30XXX then we know immediately something went wrong :-)
> Rowland
Dipl.-Ing. Péter Varkoly
Greuleinweg 37.
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