[Samba] Fwd: Replace completely an AD PKI authentication with Samba ?

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Hi Lionel,

I had been searching for a decent docker image myself a few month ago.
I found lots for a file server, standalone and AD member, a few for a DC
and less than a handfull with a minimum of documentation.

The one I started to work with was this one nowsci/samba-domain

It was extremely helpful and shoudl be a good starting point fopr you.
However I found a few things not working for me. So I built my own image
based on it.

One thing that forced me to take some detour was the need to separate DC
and FS as I wanted to have POSIX rights management which lead to
clashing ports on the host. The approach taken in nowsci/samba-domain
did not work for me. I ended up in different images for both.
practically mainly init files difffer and could be recombined.

I went for a dedicated docker network with individual IP adresses
separate from that on the host.

I did not plan to publish my stuff as  I do not have much time to follow
up on comments and doing documentation. However I'd be more than happy
to share dockerfile, init script and docker-compose file if you are


Am 14.03.2020 um 19:52 schrieb Lionel Monchecourt:
> Hi, 
> I'm currently using an AD with PKI/certificate authentication ( some of my
> users are even using smartcards ).
> Could I replace my Microsoft AD & certificates with a pure Samba solution ?
> any tricks, non features I should know ? 
> If so , do you know any docker image maybe that I could start with to do my
> test ? ( or some VM ? ) 
> Thanks _
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