[Samba] Q: Samba AD, Pfsense, Windows 10, vpn

Michael Howard mike at dewberryfields.co.uk
Sat Mar 14 14:21:38 UTC 2020

On 14/03/2020 13:53, Marco Shmerykowsky via samba wrote:
> Probably not the best place to ask, but hopefully
> someone can point me in the right direction.
> I have a tiny business.  We use Samba for file sharing
> and authentication in an AD setup.  I'm running a
> pfsense appliance firewall.  NAT on the internal
> network.
> Is there a way to allow employees to authenticate
> and access files to encourage remote work?
> What resource should I look to to figure this out?
> Really have no clue where to start.  If it wasn't
> for Covid19, this would not be a need.
> Appreciate any pointers.

Personally, I'd just setup an Openvpn server within your site, generate 
keys for each user as needed, open the firewall for the port(s) of your 
choice and finally setup the Openvpn clients on the users' laptops/pcs. 
Once the users connect they proceed as normal. The users  'home' network 
address should be different to the office network address range.

  Lots of docs on the Openvpn site.

Michael Howard

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