[Samba] [home] trash folder

Micha Ballmann ballmann at uni-landau.de
Mon Mar 9 12:59:38 UTC 2020


i have a share called [home]. Designed like described here: 

First i have no problems but i want to enable a trash folder for each 
user. At this time i have about 8000 home directories. The directorys 
are subfolders from [home].

Is it possible to enable a trash folder inside the home directory for 
each user?

I enabled successful a trash folder with vsf_recycle by a specific share.

         path = /media/cephfs/samba/c_test/00_test
         read only = No
         vfs objects = recycle
         recycle:versions = yes
         recycle:keeptree = yes
         recycle:repository = .recycle

But how can i do this when a folder is a subfolder from a share?

for example:

home->User1-> .recycle
home->User2-> .recycle
home->User3-> .recycle

Thanks and best regards.


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