[Samba] Samba4 join xp problems

Piviul piviul at riminilug.it
Sun Mar 8 20:16:40 UTC 2020

Il 07/03/20 21:27, Reindl Harald ha scritto:
> but given that such machines must not be in the normal environment
> anyways why do you need the latest and greatest samba?
but the same user can work on an old winxp or latest win10 machine and 
have to share and access the same files that have to be shared between 
the network. So old and new have to coexists

> use RHEL8 or something with 10 years support and plug the network with
> the xp machines on a second NIC for security
> and 15 years: forget it, at least if you care for security update son
> teh server
yes but it is not so simple. Some service has to be upgraded for a lot 
of reasons but can't because breaks some compatibility. When a retro 
compatibility is broken there are a lot of aspect to evaluate...

> i still need to understand why the most expensive stuff is the sloppiest
> crap and that "high value machines for tens of thousands dollars" can't
> be controlled by anything not older than 20 years
because old 20 years machine can do the same work than can do new 
machines. Yes frequently happens that new machines can do his task 
faster or can do some task more in the same time and that seems to be a 
good reason to upgrade them; but if you don't need this more fastness or 
the more tasks they do, you have to upgrade only because the OS of the 
PC that control it is too old... or often happens that a new machines 
are placed side by side with the old ones and the olds one are employed 
rarely but when them are employed they have to access the same network 
and access the same shared data...

Any way I can understand that for developers retro-compatibility is a 
hard task...

Best regards


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