[Samba] samba_dnsupdate

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Sun Mar 1 10:32:31 UTC 2020

On 29/02/2020 19:01, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> No and I can see why you asked, I will update the page.
> It is supposed to update all the records found in a file called dns_update_list, which on Debian, is to be found here:
> /var/lib/samba/private/dns_update_list

Thanks Rowland.

Is it possible to add some feature requests for extra options for samba_dnsupdate please?

1) --dry-run  :)

2) --current-ip=CURRENT_IP to force using this *

3) --all-names description, what does this mean?

4) Some proper examples on the Wiki or man pages, and especially the kinit option...

   --use-nsupdate        Use nsupdate command to make updates over DNS
                         (default, if kinit successful)

* yesterday, we changed the IP addresses of our DCs and the Wiki page did not mention (IMHO) 2 critical things...

1. "Check your hosts file for old IP address entries of the DCs".  Yes, I did not change the 2 old IP address entries in my /etc/hosts file and that samba_dnsupdate command subequently started changing things wrongly (hence the --dry-run option!). It then involved me cleaning up the spurious wrong entries in the database :-(

2. When can you sign in to Kerberos to test the Domain credentials and run samba-tool commands to check all is well?



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