[Samba] Advices about migrate W2000 domain to SAMBA4

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 17:04:09 UTC 2020

I would first move all FSMO roles to the Win 2008 server then demote the
2000 DC's to regular servers.     You would then need to update forest and
domain levels to Win 2008.   At that point you could upgrade to Win 2008 R2
and then to 2012.    Obviously backup/snapshot machines first.   Alt, you
could install a Win 2012 server and make it the main DC, and then demote the
2008 machine.  I don't think you can have 2008 and 2016 DC's coexisting but
I could be wrong.    If this is just transitory, you could probably skip
licensing and use work in eval mode.  

With all due respects to Samba, if you have  working Windows DC  what is the
advantage of moving to Samba DC's?     I have used Samba DC's for a long
time and was quite happy with it, but implement MS Exchange required a
switch to true Windows DC's.     I appreciate you might save some licensing
costs but at what cost in time and effort?

You can still have linux file server running samba if you don't want to
license Windows for your file servers.

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Hi, People:

We have a Old (well functioning) Windows 2000 AD domain. We wish migrate
DCs, if posible, to SAMBA4.  We actually have four sites with one DC in
three of them and three DCs in one of them. Just one DC is Windows 2008, the
rest is Windows 2000.

Join SAMBA4 as DC automatically is not posible, I think, because DNS servers
are not configured with 2008 behaviour and actual DNS entries does not
replicate to SAMBA. Therefore, I can't replace Windows DCs.

Is there any method/howto to achieve this with minimum disruption?. Or the
only way is upgrade DCs to Windows 2008 (paying new licenses) and then join
SAMBA4 DCs to domain, transfer roles an demote Windows DCs?

Thanks in advance!


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