[Samba] Need help with roaming profiles

Matt Savin matt at tegers.com
Mon Jun 29 23:13:55 UTC 2020

Hello Rowland,

Thank you very much for the relentless support you're providing for the

You wrote: "The 'netbios name' must be the same as the hostname."

For years, my samba file server (now version 4.11.9) netbios name differs
from the hostname (although it has a DNS CNAME record pointing to the host
name) and everything is working fine (I'm not using roaming profiles, and
using POSIX permissions). It's used for home directories and other shares,
all mapped using group policies. Clients are different versions and
distributions of Linux and Windows (including 2004). DCs are Windows 2012
R2s. I reread smb.conf and couldn't find any references that "netbios name"
should be the same as the hostname. Is it a roaming profiles requirement or
I'm missing something?

Best regards,

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 3:36 PM Rowland penny via samba <
samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> On 29/06/2020 20:00, Anders Östling via samba wrote:
> > I have a problem that I am unable to sort out. Maybe someone can
> > assist with advice and troubleshooting.
> >
> OK, you might as well remove these lines, they are defaults:
>          client max protocol = SMB3
>          client min protocol = SMB2
>          server min protocol = SMB2
> I would also remove these:
>          acl group control = Yes
>          dos filemode = Yes
>          hide unreadable = Yes
> You should also remove this, it should only be in a DC smb.conf:
>          idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes
> Now we come to what could be a couple of typo's:
> You have 'netbios name = HP-FSSRV' but you also posted
> 'administrator at hp-srv03:~$ cd /share2/'
> The 'netbios name' must be the same as the hostname.
> You also seem to be using 'administrator' as a Unix user, please do not
> do this, I know this happens with the 'rid' backend, but in this
> instance Administrator will just be a normal Unix user. You also have
> 'username map = /etc/samba/user.map' and 'root' should be mapped to
> 'Administrator' inside the user.map. Use 'root' (or sudo) on Unix and
> 'Administrator' on Windows, do not mix them.
> You have 'workgroup = HPLTS' and 'idmap config dg11', again, they must
> match
> Rowland
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