[Samba] Compiling WMIC/Accessing WMI

Matthew Jurgens samba at edcint.co.nz
Thu Jun 25 01:29:55 UTC 2020

As of Windows 10 version 2004, the wmic client no longer works. It gets 
the following error -
[wmi/wmic.c:196:main()] ERROR: Login to remote object.
NTSTATUS: NT code 0x80010111 - NT code 0x80010111

This seems to be an RPC header error. Presumably Microsoft changed 
something that broke wmic.

Since I found wmic.c in the samba source I thought that it might be able 
to be compiled as part of samba. However, I've found an old thread in 
this mailing list 
https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2018-February/214033.html() which 
suggests that compiling it would not be possible.

So I have two questions:
1) Is compiling wmic as part of samba still out of the question?
2) Is there some other way to access WMI on Windows from Linux?


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