[Samba] Recipe/advice for Samba 4.11 on Ubuntu 20.04 as member server joining Windows Server 2019 AD

Michael Galvon red at redrhino.ca
Wed Jun 24 01:02:15 UTC 2020


Brand new VM's running on ESXi replacing existing Samba 3 NT domain.
I am not quite brand new but this is my first time for this combination.
Would like to use Win Ad for authentication and Samba for 20 users and 
company shared data.

Started with this how-to:

Lost my way on Choose backend for id mapping in winbindd and further 
reading in mapping Unix attributes for users in ADUC.
It appears we must manually edit each users properties?
To my eyes, it appears the article was written to assist in joining 
Samba member servers to join Samba AD

Hoping someone can provide a link,relevant faq, how-to recipe or useful 
comments for this project.

Thanks in advance,


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