[Samba] Upgrading from standard to Louis' repo

Robert E. Wooden bob at donelsontrophy.com
Fri Jun 19 21:10:39 UTC 2020

This is a FYI email.

I had built a Debian 10.4 (Buster) DC with standard Samba package 4.9.5 
(current version offered from Debian repos.)

Backed up what I had so far (functional DC.)

I had setup Samba v4.9.5 following Louis' instruction.

Added Louis' repo and ran 'apt update'.

Louis' repo was on the list.

Ran 'apt dist-upgrade' and rebooted.

Ran bind9 tests, kerberos tests, systemctl status samba-ad-dc (shows 
active), nslookup tests and finally:

root at dc01:~# samba -V
Version 4.12.3-Debian

So, it seems that . . . so far . . . the upgrade went great.

Now the test of time . . . .


Bob Wooden

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