[Samba] Add gidNumber for group

Robert E. Wooden bob at donelsontrophy.com
Fri Jun 19 19:09:16 UTC 2020

On 6/19/2020 1:55 PM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> ldbsearch -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb '(gidNumber=*)' | grep 
> 'gidNumber:' | sed 's/gidNumber: //' | sort | tail -n1
> Add 1 to the output and use that.
> Rowland

This is a newly setup DC and member server (both Debian 10.4 w/Samba 

I got:

root at dc01:~# ldbsearch -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb '(gidNumber=*)' 
| grep 'gidNumber:' | sed 's/gidNumber: //' | sort | tail -n1
root at dc01:~#

So, adding 0+1=1 . . . (I know THAT cannot be correct.) ;-)

If this helps any:

root at dc01:~# wbinfo -g
SAMDOM\cert publishers
SAMDOM\ras and ias servers
SAMDOM\allowed rodc password replication group
SAMDOM\denied rodc password replication group
SAMDOM\enterprise read-only domain controllers
SAMDOM\domain admins
SAMDOM\domain users
SAMDOM\domain guests
SAMDOM\domain computers
SAMDOM\domain controllers
SAMDOM\schema admins
SAMDOM\enterprise admins
SAMDOM\group policy creator owners
SAMDOM\read-only domain controllers

root at dc01:~# wbinfo -n "Domain Users"
S-1-5-21-589789-1426474111-2143966843-513 SID_DOM_GROUP (2)

I have been troubleshooting to confirm a properly setup AD  DC and 
member server.

All previous tests are passing.

Could I have some other issue?


Bob Wooden

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