[Samba] autorid broken in samba 4.9?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Jun 17 13:53:05 UTC 2020

On 17/06/2020 14:25, Nathaniel W. Turner via samba wrote:
> I realize I never followed up with this. The problem here turned out to be
> that I was doing a "reload" of the samba services (smb, nmb, winbind) to
> pick up my ID mapping changes in smb.conf. Switching my test case to do a
> "restart" instead resolved the issue.
'reload' just makes the Samba service reload smb.conf after changes to 
it, it doesn't touch anything else
> More details:
> The test case basically did the following:
> 1. Join AD using "realm join --client-software=winbind ..."
> 2. Reconfigure smb.conf based on a custom template (as shown in prior
> emails).
Why is 'realm' re-writing the smb.conf, this sounds like a major bug to 
me, perhaps there should either be another switch 
--smb-conf=do_not_touch, or realm shouldn't touch smb.conf if 
'--client-software=winbind' is set. The other option is to use what 
Samba provides: 'net ads join'
> 3. Reload samba services.
> 4. Log in as an AD user (or use wbinfo -i ...)
> The problem was a combination of a few things:
> * Step 3 didn't completely eradicate the old idmapping configuration from
> the runtime. It seems a "restart" is needed here.
Probably if 'realm' wasn't so 'helpful', you wouldn't have this problem 
i.e. setup smb.conf before the join, the join doesn't change the 
smb.conf and everything works first time.


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