[Samba] Samba performance for small files

Andrea Cucciarre' acucciarre at cloudian.com
Mon Jun 15 15:32:51 UTC 2020


I'm testing the performance of Samba share when a windows client copy a 
directory that contains many small files (8-18KB).
 From the windows client during the transfer the speed goes up and down 
to 0KB/sec, so it's not stable.
I have run the same test on a Windows server share (on the same hardware 
as the Samba share) and the transfer speed is stable, about 404KB/sec 
which is three time quicker then the overage speed in the Samba share.
So is there any tuning that I can add to the smb.conf to speed up the 
performance when copying a directory that contains many small files 


Andrea Cucciarre'

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