[Samba] Patches for OpenVMS && Samba4

Swift Griggs sgriggs at parsec.com
Fri Jun 12 14:41:35 UTC 2020

On Fri, 12 Jun 2020, Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote:
> I can't find any evidence in the source code for new patches to have 
> Samba build on VMS

Okay, well, at least I didn't just overlook something.

> it certainly wasn't something we actively targeted when we moved from 
> autoconf to WAF with Samba 4.1.

I'd be shocked if you did. Python 3.x isn't available on OpenVMS just yet 
(only 2.7 works AFAIK). The waf-based build looks like it's not going to 
be too friendly if I don't get a version of Python it'll cooperate with.

Looking at the code, it seems it's Python 3.x specific.

> Another 'odd' target, Stratos VOS had patches in Samba for a time, but 
> instead worked to make Samba build without changes, by instead improving 
> their own systems to be more compatible with Linux.

That is interesting. OpenVMS has the GNV project as an analog, but it's 
nowhere near as mature or useful yet as VOS's POSIX layer and porting kit.

> It is always best to start with working code.  It would be best if VSI 
> would pro-actively submit such changes.

Agreed. I've never asked someone to comply with the GPL before. I guess I 
was always innocent enough to believe that if someone started with a 
couple of million lines of code from elsewhere, they would honor the 
wishes of the parent project. However, maybe it's just that nobody has 
asked them or that I'm not looking in the right place. I always start by 
assuming positive intent.

> Not likely.  Anything that does exist in more than a very-WIP form by an 
> individual developer will be in master (we don't keep around official 
> feature branches).

Okay, that helps to know. I'll try to talk to the VSI people directly.

> This is the first I've heard of VMS in most of the 20 years I've been 
> around Samba.

OpenVMS is still alive. We still have a lot of customers who use one of 
three products for CIFS/SMB on VMS. The oldest Pathworks which I think is 
just a basic LANmanager client. Then there is "Advanced Server" which I 
think is a straight port of Lanmanager (bought directly from IBM then 
worked up to be VMS-ish). There is also a Samba 2.x package which HP 
ported before they divorced and underwent mitosis into HP & HPE. Andy 
Goldstien of HP wrote a big presentation about HP's porting efforts in 
Samba 3.x and said they'd started hacking on Samba 4, too. No product of 
those efforts ever saw the light of day in source form. Not that the terms 
of the GPLv3 have changed, though.

> Of course I saw the old list but don't recall patches to support it, 
> even in the autoconf days.

Nobody does. I can't find them. They are probably buried on some HP server 
that long got sent to the liquidators.

> However I do know the standard-bearer for OpenVMS was John E. Malmberg 
> (wb8tyw).

Thanks, I'll try to contact him.

> When I was last closing old OpenVMS bugs this was the most recent port I 
> could find: 
> http://www.ccsscorp.com/VMSblog/index.php?m=05&y=16&entry=entry160521-083131

Interesting. If someone else can do it, perhaps so can I. Problem is that 
I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Unix guy and I'm clumsy and slow in VMS, but that's 

> All the best for your search!

Thanks for your time and information, Andrew.


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