[Samba] getting no SRV record

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Jun 11 12:29:43 UTC 2020

On 11/06/2020 12:16, Bob Wooden via samba wrote:
> When I "nslookup". I get:
> root@[dchost]:~# nslookup [dchost].[domain].work
> Server:
> Address:
> Non-authoritative answer:
> Name:    [dchost].[domain].work
> Address: xx.198.245.139
> This local active directory is the first I have ever setup with a 
> FQDN. The "Non-authoritative answer: Address" is the ip address of the 
> domain registrar nameserver. The "Server:" address (above that) IS the 
> correct local ip address.
> Never having used a FQDN in the past, could I have something amiss 
> with my settings that I was not aware made a difference?
If you had a previous AD domain, you must have had a FQDN, but having 
said that, it does look like you have a configuration error somewhere, 
so can you post the contents of the following files:










If you must sanitise them, then do it sanely, use 'example.com' for the 
domain name and use the case you find in the file ;-)


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