[Samba] File server questions

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Jun 8 07:37:57 UTC 2020

On 08/06/2020 08:22, mathias dufresne wrote:
> Let's say it's not my place to decide if my clients have to change 
> their ways or not. I give advices, they chose to follow my 
> recommendations or not. And I advised them to switch their system 
> users from flat files to AD/Winbindd weeks ago, at the very beginning 
> of that mission.

No, you cannot force your clients to do anything, but you can say 'I am 
not doing that' and walk away. Do not say that nobody would do that, 
because I have.

This is getting us nowhere, can I suggest we stop here, we are never 
going to agree. You have your point of view and I have mine.

Please do not reply on this subject again.


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