[Samba] Cannot do GSSAPI to an IP address, was (no subject)

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Jun 5 21:13:54 UTC 2020

On 05/06/2020 21:32, James B. Byrne via samba wrote:
>>> samba-tool dns query localhost brockley.harte-lyne.ca brockley.harte-lyne.ca
>>> ALL -U administrator
>>> Cannot do GSSAPI to an IP address
>>> Password for [BROCKLEY\administrator]:
It looks like an ipaddress is being used instead of a hostname, kerberos 
will not work with an ipaddress.
> This testing is all taking place inside a FreeBSD jail.
Never used a freebsd jail, all I know is that it is some form of a super 
chroot (and that could be wrong), so is everything available inside the 
jail ?
>    The /etc/hosts file
> contains this:
>		localhost localhost.brockley.harte-lyne.ca
>           smb4-1 smb4-1.brockley.harte-lyne.ca
>           smb4-2 smb4-2.brockley.harte-lyne.ca

Now if that was a Linux /etc/hosts, I would say it was totally wrong, 
though it may be different on Freebsd, I would expect:        localhost   smb4-1.brockley.harte-lyne.ca smb4-1

I would actually expect the '' to be '', but this is 
probably something to do with the jail.

> Any ideas as to what I may have done to get 'Cannot do GSSAPI to an IP address'?
Not really, I do not know enough about Freebsd, is 'samba' actually 
running ?


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