[Samba] Updating Samba AD from 4.1 to latest stable

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 5 08:35:01 UTC 2020

Hi All,

After reading the list for a while I have a question myself.
I have the task of upgrading a couple of systems and one of them is the
office AD infrastructure from a Samba-4.1 installation to the latest
stable version.
I already did a concept of proof by incrementally compiling versions
4.2/3/4/5/etc to the then latest stable 4.10 and it seemed to work out
OK but was a lot of work.
I had a thought and would like to hear your opinions on it.
What if I install a temporary Windows 2019/2016 server with the AD role
and join it to the old Samba-4.1 AD and then transfer all AD roles to
it. Next install a new Linux server with the latest Samba (4.12.3) and
join it to the domain too. Transfer all roles from the Windows ADDC to
it and decommission that server and add a second Linux ADDC  to the
domain to be redundant.
Would/should that work and am I missing steps?

Thanks in advance,


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