[Samba] samba-tool dns query

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Tue Jun 2 15:03:11 UTC 2020

Samba-4.11.8 on FreeBSd-12.1p5

How does one list all of the actual DNS records for Samba administered zones,
forward and reverse?

When I use the dns query option of samba-tool I get a summary but no detail:

samba-tool dns query localhost brockley.harte-lyne.ca @ ALL  -U administrator
Password for [BROCKLEY\administrator]:
  Name=, Records=3, Children=0
    SOA: serial=1, refresh=900, retry=600, expire=86400, minttl=3600,
email=hostmaster.brockley.harte-lyne.ca. (flags=600000f0, serial=1,
    NS: smb4-1.brockley.brockley.harte-lyne.ca. (flags=600000f0, serial=1,
    A: (flags=600000f0, serial=1, ttl=900)
  Name=_msdcs, Records=0, Children=0
  Name=_sites, Records=0, Children=1
  Name=_tcp, Records=0, Children=4
  Name=_udp, Records=0, Children=2
  Name=brockley, Records=0, Children=1
  Name=DomainDnsZones, Records=0, Children=2
  Name=ForestDnsZones, Records=0, Children=2

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