[Samba] Samba migrate from ver 4.11.11 to 4.12.5

admin at prawda.net.pl admin at prawda.net.pl
Mon Jul 27 11:56:56 UTC 2020


I have problem with migrate my samba AD.

When I install new version samba (4.12.5) in log I see comment : Kerberos:
Server not found In database: ldap/.: encryption type 3 not supported

In changelog I see that samba in version 4.12 not supported encryption type
DES ( <https://ldapwiki.com/wiki/DES> DES- <https://ldapwiki.com/wiki/CBC>
CBC- <https://ldapwiki.com/wiki/MD5> MD5) .

Please help me how migrate my database users/ computers to supported
encryption AES ?




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