[Samba] Shares stopped working for groups

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Jul 20 13:44:06 UTC 2020

n 20/07/2020 14:19, Nick Howitt via samba wrote:
> On 20/07/2020 11:14, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
>> I have reviewed all the posts in this thread and I 'think' I know 
>> what is going on and also answers a question I asked.
>> You have in your smb.conf:
>> unix password sync = Yes
>> This possibly means that you have a group in /etc/group called 
>> allusers with the ID of 63000
> No. All groups are 1005 or less. The should be 1000 or less but the 
> user has installed Acronis which has set up groups 1000-1005 which I 
> don't think should be there.
> All "ClearOS" LDAP groups on this system and mine begin at 63000. All 
> of what I think od as the Windows built-in groups are somewhere over 
> 1000500 e.g:
> [root at server ~]# id clearcenter
> uid=1049(clearcenter) gid=63000(allusers) 
> groups=63000(allusers),1000546(guests),1000512(domain_admins),1000513(domain_users),1000514(domain_guests),1000544(administrators),1000545(users),1000547(power_users),1000548(account_operators),1000549(server_operators),1000550(print_operators),1000551(backup_operators),60006(executive),60007(staff),60008(visitors),60009(admin)
I have no idea why the groups are getting those numbers because you have 
in smb.conf:

idmap config * : range = 20000000-29999999

So I would have expected the numbers such as 1000513 to actually be 20000513

>> Do you have libnss-ldap installed ?
> No. The package is not even available.

Not under that name it isn't, try nss-pam-ldapd


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