[Samba] strategy to migrate dc from one pc to another.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jul 16 08:13:35 UTC 2020


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> Onderwerp: [Samba] strategy to migrate dc from one pc to another.
> >> Yes, you can run the internal dns server on one DC and Bind9 on 
> >> another, I also know that you should upgrade jessie as soon as 
> >> possible, it is now EOL.
> >> Rowland
> which lead me to my second question:
> I have a AD primary DC who is under debian Jessie as previously said. 
> When i have try to update it to stretch all sort of weird bug have 
> appears
> on the ad (authentication not working anymore with the ip of the 
> computer when trying to connect with remote desktop, but working with 
> full computer name MOST of the time but not always etc...).
> I have googled a bit but not seeing too much people having to 
> confront this, and the people who have have just abandoned the migration.
> So does this situation ring any bells to someone ?
Yes. It does. 
This is due the "big" change made in 2016 by Microsoft.

> At this time i have revert to a former backup and back to my jessie.
More important and not known, where u used RDP, which Client OS+version is used.

> What i want to do is to create a new dc on stretch or buster, make it 
> secondary, wait it to synchronise, declare the second one as dead and 
> make the second the primary one. Am i wrong somewhere ?

Nope and this is also the best option.

I could assist in a Jessie to stretch to buster upgrade. 
Only thing is, i know whats coming and i recommend setup a new server setup straight on buster.
Sieze the FSMO, and remove the old server. 

> Any advice ?
See up ;-) 

> best regards.



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