[Samba] Samba + Winbind : Kerberos Tickets

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 15 13:22:55 UTC 2020


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> Onderwerp: [Samba] Samba + Winbind : Kerberos Tickets
> Hi Folks,
> We're in the process of setting up a Samba cluster 
> (Samba+CTDB+etcd), and
> we (presently) using Winbind. We use AD. We're finding that 
> the domain join
> (or kerberos ticket renewal) is unreliable. 

You most probely missing in smb.conf

   dedicated keytab file = /etc/krb5.keytab
    kerberos method = secrets and keytab

    # renew the kerberos ticket
    winbind refresh tickets = yes

> Every day we find 
> Samba/Winbind
> is no longer joined to the domain. Now, we're in a bit of a 
> learning curve
> here, and automating everything with Terraform + Ansible. We 
> have yet to
> produce a stable environment with respect to domain join, 
> though the file
> systems themselves seem fine.

Ow and you know this : 

Its a good read for what you want, at least, i think it is. 

> One challenge is the vast array of (frequently inconsistent 
> or inaccurate)
> documentation on the topic of Samba, different ways to do the 
> same things,
> etc. So part of our challenge is sifting through useful, or 
> not so useful,
> information.
> We really need an accurate recipe for installing Samba, all its
> dependencies, including Winbind (or alternative), having this domain
> joined, and supporting Windows File History.

Well, im still working on that. 
The current "debian stretch" is old, but mostly it still correct. 
The "Debian Buster"  version is in the making at the moment (a member setup first. ) 

> Can anyone of the core Samba team members point our way through the
> "wilderness"? ;-) To either a very up to date, very accurate, 
> bash script
> that has every step detailed, or a document that has been 
> tested recently that works flawlessly?

Almost there, the member setup should be done this or next week. 

> This would be very helpful.
> We're excited to see the prospect of a distributed Samba 
> cluster working
> across several AWS regions, and initial testing has produced 
> great results
> in terms of performance and recoverability. But it's this last mile of
> getting AD join stable and kerberos tickets automatically 
> renewed, and not dropping domain join, working, that is causing us issue.

See above, that will fix it. 

> And any detailed information (script ideally) on how to 
> configure Windows  File History, would also be helpful.

Thats one point im also working on at the moment, and as far i know you need LVM for it. 
But i leave this part to my college Rowland or other members of the Team. 

> Thank you so much in advance, we really appreciate this.
> Kindly,
> -- 



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