[Samba] strategy to migrate dc from one pc to another.

karel.de.macil at free.fr karel.de.macil at free.fr
Tue Jul 14 19:55:16 UTC 2020

>> Yes, you can run the internal dns server on one DC and Bind9 on 
>> another, I also know that you should upgrade jessie as soon as 
>> possible, it is now EOL.

>> Rowland

which lead me to my second question:

I have a AD primary DC who is under debian Jessie as previously said. 
When i have try to update it to stretch all sort of weird bug have 
on the ad (authentication not working anymore with the ip of the 
computer when trying to connect with remote desktop, but working with 
full computer name MOST of the time but not always etc...).
I have googled a bit but not seeing too much people having to confront 
this, and the people who have have just abandoned the migration.

So does this situation ring any bells to someone ?

At this time i have revert to a former backup and back to my jessie.

What i want to do is to create a new dc on stretch or buster, make it 
secondary, wait it to synchronise, declare the second one as dead and 
make the second the primary one. Am i wrong somewhere ?

Any advice ?

best regards.

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