[Samba] Which DNS zone settings are correct?

Daniel Betschart dbet1 at gmx.net
Tue Jul 14 12:41:45 UTC 2020

I added a Samba AD to an existing Windows domain with Windows Server
2008 R2 (SBS 2011). For the join to work, I had to set the replication
of the reverse zone in DNS administration to "all domain controllers in
this domain (Windows 2000 compatibility)". That's the only way the join
worked. Now I notice that the reverse zone is not replicated. Does this
have anything to do with this setting?

In the meantime I have added a second Samba AD to this domain.
Everything that I change on the first Samba AD in the reverse zone now
also reaches the second Samba AD. But everything I change on the Windows
server in the reverse zone is not replicated. On neither of the two
Samba ADs.

I can only change the mentioned setting for the DNS zone on the Windows
server. That doesn't work on the Samba ADs, I get the error message
"This function is not supported on this server". Is that normal? Should
I change the setting on the Windows server that it is identical with the
settings on the two samba AD servers, because on Samba they are not

I have now changed the setting for the reverse zone on the Windows
server to "all DNS servers in this domain", and now the zone is
replicated. Before there was an error about overlapped entries, but this
message has gone and the zones are replicated now. But on one of the
samba AD's I have a second reverse zone named ..InProgress-{very long


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