[Samba] vfs_fruit not working

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Fri Jul 10 08:58:46 UTC 2020


I've got an existent installation of Samba where accesses from Mac are slow.

I tried adding the following to smb.conf:
min protocol=smb2
vfs objects=fruit streams_xattr
fruit:aapl = yes
fruit:locking = none
fruit:metadata = stream
fruit:wipe_intentionally_left_blank_rfork = yes
fruit:delete_empty_adfiles = yes

Speed doesn't seem to have improved much...

I see now files with DOSATTRIB and DosStream... extended attributes.
IIUC, however, I should also see "._AppleDouble" files, but I find none.
Also I still see ._* files.

Do I need to delete the latters? Do they need to be converted in some way?

Any other thought?

  bye & Thanks

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