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Martin Hauptmann post at mailbox.org
Thu Jul 9 13:44:45 UTC 2020


I have been searching the whole samba wiki and the whole mailinglist in the meantime and have not found a command.

I saw that the most helpful supporters here are even more helpful if one does use up to date samba versions.

I do not insist on debian standard packages.

Someone has already done that?

Can I map existing Azure Users to a new Samba AD?

And - independently of that - what do I need to sync AD-users  and AD-groups initially?

And what do I need to keep them in sync?

Thank you

> Martin Hauptmann via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> hat am 02.07.2020 17:23 geschrieben:
> Sorry if I didn't find the right manual.
> I would like to set up a new Domain Controller and connect it to an existing Office 365 with Exchange in a way, AD-Users of a certain group can login and not having to login to Office365.
> My questions:
> Can I map the existing Office365-Accounts to the new Domain?
> Is the existing username scheme in Office 365 of lois.griffin at company.com compatible with Samba? 
> Do I need a Windows Server to execute AzureADConnect.msi to keep groups and passwords in sync?
> Is there a samba-tool command or some ldap-command to do the job?
> Which version of Samba is the minimum version I need? (I prefer debian stable with standard packages if possible)
> The Domain of the new AD will be
> cmpn.company.com
> I've been looking through the last 1,5 years in the Mailinglist archive and did not find clear answers to that.
> Thank you
> Martin
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