[Samba] AD Users on Linux Laptop

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Jul 9 10:09:01 UTC 2020

On 09/07/2020 10:39, Sven Schwedas via samba wrote:
> On 09.07.20 11:06, basti via samba wrote:
>> There must be a way to cache login infos  between reboot.
>> sssd or somethink like that?
> sssd can do it, but windbind's own cache should work just as well. But
> yes, network-online.target is counterproductive here.
Yes, quite correct, sssd will do it, but only for authentication, you 
cannot have shares with Samba >= 4.8.0 and sssd
>> the krb5_ccache file is saved on /tmp/ is there a way to save that to an
>> other folder, thats not cleanup on reboot? /usr/lib .... for example.
> As far as I understand the manpages, krb5_ccache is unrelated to offline
> logon. The stuff you need is controlled by the cached_login PAM
> parameter and the "winbind offline logon" and "winbind cache time"
> smb.conf parameters.
If you are using kerberos, then the kerberos cache will be used if it 

Samba does have its own cache's, have a look in /var/cache/samba


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