[Samba] AD Users on Linux Laptop

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jul 9 08:50:56 UTC 2020

Hai Rowland, 

Maybe i didnt understand your reply that well, but why would you change it. 

All (linux) users have  minimum_uid=1000 and start at 1000. 
All (windows) users (samba) are above  minimum_uid=1000 

So in my optinion, you should not be needed to change this. 
Unless your users start below 1000. 

Also cat /etc/adduser.conf shows ( For Debian/Buster ) 

# FIRST_[GU]ID to LAST_[GU]ID inclusive is the range of UIDs of dynamically
# allocated user accounts/groups.


If you can give me an example when its not working, ill have look at it..

The new member setup its progress is going as expected so far. 
I hope to have it so online. ( but the complete ) 



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> On 09/07/2020 09:29, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> >> - How can I cache logins infos, for offline login
> >> (e.g. when only wlan is available or to start vpn after 
> login to get
> >> access to shares)
> > cat /etc/pam.d/common-auth
> > Verify if you see.
> >
> > # here are the per-package modules (the "Primary" block)
> > auth    [success=3 default=ignore]      pam_krb5.so minimum_uid=1000
> I change the '1000' to the DOMAIN low range number I set in smb.conf, 
> otherwise you cannot change the password for any local users.
> Rowland
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