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Makes me wonder again why I keep returning to Debian and their outdated software.

I understand your point of view.

To my understanding samba is working fine but somehow the DNS is mangled by Windows 10. I hoped this would be a known issue and had a fix procedure available.

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Aan 5 jul. 2020 10:31, Rowland penny via samba < samba at lists.samba.org> schreef:

> On 04/07/2020 23:26, commandline at protonmail.com wrote:
> > Are the 4 questions i postef in any way version related ? This being
> > Debian i assume it is not a broken release made availble.
> >
> > My main concern is why rsat cannot connect due to the \_ldap.... not
> > resolving. It is as if there is something left unconfigured which is
> > not mention in the user documentation.
> >
> There have been numerous changes since 4.5.16, some of which have to do
> with your problem.
> The latest Samba version is 4.12.5. Samba supports the last 3 major
> releases, 4.10.x, 4.11.x and 4.12.x, but in different ways. The 4.12.x
> releases will get full support, the 4.11.x releases get security support
> and some of the bugfixes that have gone into 4.12, the 4.10.x releases
> only get security fixes. When 4.13.0 is released (planned for
> September), the 4.10.x versions will go EOL and the others will drop
> down a support version.
> The version you are using will not get any support from Samba if it
> requires bugfixes, mainly because the bug may have been fixed in a later
> version, so this is why I am suggesting you update. If, after you
> update, your problem is still there, I am prepared to try to help you,
> but I am disinclined to do so whilst you are using an EOL Samba version.
> Rowland
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