[Samba] New packages for Debian Buster/ Ubuntu Focal

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Jul 3 15:08:38 UTC 2020

I've updated the following so far.?@

Debian Buster?@ Samba 4.11.11 (amd64/i386)
Ubuntu Focal    Samba 4.12.5 + extra patches.  (only amd64)

Buster 4.12.5 still building, i'll finish that this weekend. (office is closing). 
Update as usual, but with some changes, please that note of the following. 

 samba (2:4.12.5+dfsg-2.1focal1) focal; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild from Debian Sid for Ubuntu Focal
   * d/control, re-added acl as Recommands to samba package
   * d/control added libicu-dev,add Missing support for Unicode normalisation.
   * d/patches, fix debian bug #964165 with temp-fix-is-is-litteral.patch
   * d/rules & d/control re-enabled spotlight support
   * Update samba-common.{dirs,install)
     Install elasticsearch_mappings.json for Spotlight
   * Fix Bug#963985: smbclient:/usr/bin/mdfind is already shipped by mdfinder.app
     d/control Added: smblcient Replaces : mdfinder.app
   * Added d/libwbclient0.lintian-overrides false positive on libgenrand.so.0
   * d/patches, added bz14213.patch. fix, Windows Explorer crashes on
     S-1-22-* Unix-SIDs when accessing security tab (experimental patch)

Setup info on?@apt repo : https://apt.van-belle.nl <https://apt.van-belle.nl/>  

Have fun with them. 

So in progress/building depends for Debian buster 4.12.5 (amd64/i386/armhf)



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