[Samba] Users, home directories and profiles

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 1 15:15:47 UTC 2020

Are you using radius or something what opens the switch ports after authenticating the users? 
Wifi login? 
This is a windows thingy.. 
im leaving the office atm, but i need to think here which options you have.. 
Which windows version is this? windows 10 2004 ? 
so far, 

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On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 12:35:08 +0100
Rowland penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

On 01/07/2020 12:15, Robi. T. Wagner via samba wrote:
root at localhost:~# getfacl /home/samba/users/
getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: home/samba/users/
# owner: root
# group: root
root at localhost:~# samba-tool ntacl get /home/samba/users 


Sorry for the bad format....I am fighting to get lists.samba.org
into a newsreader without success (bloody Austrian A1 doesn't have
a news server anymore and I couldn't find a nntp server with samba
lists) If you change the file/directory owner to a unix user,
windows explorer is crashing immediately in the security tab. The
only exception is the user root, because it mapped to 


Now I think about it, we have had this before and it is a Windows
bug, if I remember correctly, someone at Windows was supposed to be
looking into it.


Ok, for the moment with the patch I'm able to set the permissions to the
home directories of the domain users. 

Why are you "manualy" setting the permissions, thats not needed. 

In ADUC, you need to set 2 things and profiles and homedirs are created automaticly. 
Tab Profile 
Path to user profile :  \\server.fqdn\profiles\%username% 
BaseFolder : Connect (choose a letter:) connect with :  \\server.fqdn\users\%username% 

Apply and its created, ( note, profiles is created when you login/loggoff )

Now the other problem is that after I created new users on samba server

I'm unable to login into the windows client. When I try to login using
a new user I receive:

We can't sign you with this credential because your domain isn't
available. Make sure your device is connected to your organization's
network and try again. If you previously signed in on this device with
another credential, you can sign in with that credential.

Any windows Event ID's might help .. ID + description .. 

But I'm able to login using the user I created as administrator.

Try in the GPO's, Wait for Network ( apply for computer ). 
Reboot 2 times. 

And try again. 



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I set the wait for network and restart two times but the problem persist. 
In the event log I see: the processing of Group Policy failed because of lack of network connectivity to a domain controller..... 
Event is 1129
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