[Samba] Issues with FLOCK on NFS Share

Georg.Biberger at partner.bmw.de Georg.Biberger at partner.bmw.de
Wed Jul 1 11:59:24 UTC 2020

>The 'idmap config' lines are borked, the default domain '*' lines are 
>okay, but the 'MUC' domain lines are half correct, yes you can use the 
>'rid' backend, but you must set a range. You did set a range, but it was 
>incorrect and you have commented it out. The two ranges must not 
>overlap, but what you had before you commented it out, well, overlap 
>would be an understatement, the '*' domain was totally inside the 'MUC' 
>domain, you need to fix this.

I have the problem that all files on NFS-Shares are only accessible by the user qqeda11 (unix-id 79846).
All users get mapped to qqeda11  with usermap qqeda11=*.
But the user qqeda11 is also known in the MUC-Domain as windows user (muc/qqeda11 SID= S-1-5-21-43206524-2104247658-1151357142-1581344): 

To achieve the correct mapping, I have added a mapping to winbindd_idmap.tdb:

	dumping id mapping from /lfs/EDA/DATA/SOFTWARE/samba/var/locks/winbindd_idmap.tdb
	GID 79846 S-1-5-21-43206524-2104247658-1151357142-513
	USER HWM 79846
	UID 79846 S-1-5-21-43206524-2104247658-1151357142-1581344
	GID 79847 S-1-1-0
	GID 79848 S-1-5-2
	GROUP HWM 79849

Does this correspond with your explanation of id ranges?


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