[Samba] New in repo Samba 4.11.6 Debian Buster.. (amd64/i386/armhf)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Jan 31 07:39:22 UTC 2020

Gooooood morning guys and girls, 

I uploaded samba 4.11.6 into the apt repo for Debian Buster.
Finaly. :-) 

Info : http://apt.van-belle.nl 
You know the drill ;-) 

Why these took longer, im in the middle of 3 projects here for the office.. Rolout pc's, implement voip, change of servers.. 
Lots todo ;-) and then the quick replacement of 4.11.5 to .6. 
Was why i decided to skip the .5 and do the .6. 

Have a good day guys. 



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