[Samba] Connecting to samba server from android TV Box

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Jan 30 07:36:16 UTC 2020

El 30/1/20 a les 3:17, Alex ha escrit:
> Hi,
>>> That's also not a problem (being a Linux admin), but just not what I
>>> was expecting.
>> Have you considered the option to use one of the supported boxes and use
>> libreelec/coreelec instead of android?
>> Then, not only you'd have no problem connecting to samba shares, you
>> could use nfs mounts instead.
> Oh, very interesting. I wasn't even aware of that.
> It looks like boxes with the S905X3 processor is the one to get?

I wouldn't know, I have an S905D based box but that's because it has an 
integrated dvb-s tuner that I wanted.
Look at the download section of https://libreelec.tv, the forums, etc.

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