[Samba] Upgrade from 4.1.9-Zentyal to Version 4.7.6-Ubuntu

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Jan 19 21:07:12 UTC 2020

On 19/01/2020 19:29, Mark b via samba wrote:
> I upgrade from 4.1.9 to 4.7.6. Workstations are Win10 .
> I have a legacy program (Corel Paradox  using Borland BDE) that cannot 
> properly access the network share.
> When starting the BDE creates lock files on the network share. The 
> lock files are created but then it fails with a generic network that 
> it cannot access the network file it just created. File is created by 
> "nobody:sambashare" permissions 0664.  Paradox and the BDE can only 
> use SMB1.  SMB1 is added to windows 10.
> As a user I can manually delete the lock file either through mapped 
> drive or UNC path.
> I don't see anything that looks like an error in the logs (log level 
> 4).  I added ntlm auth=true to see if that did anything but no changes.
> Need help fast or I will have to role back the server upgrades 
> tonight.  Is this a simple permission issue or SMB1 maybe?
> Samba vesion: Version 4.7.6-Ubuntu
> Samba as Primary Domain Controller  - simple file sharing
> Server name:  APPSERVER1.local
> Domain Name: LINGROUP
> Win 10 updated to all latest.  SMB1 added in Windows Features
Not sure this is a Samba problem, been a long time since I heard of 
Borland, so I went searching and found a few posts that seem to say that 
UAC is getting in the way, see here:


And here:


If you want my advice, roll Samba back and then go and find a 
replacement for your Borland database. Anything that relies on SMBv1 is 
on the road to nowhere, SMBv1 is going away fast.


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