[Samba] Option --enable-gnutls not available

Rommel Rodriguez Toirac rommelrt at nauta.cu
Thu Jan 9 18:29:03 UTC 2020

 Hello all;
I use a samba4 as an Active Directory Domain Controller since version 4.3.1
 The options I used in ./configure were:

./configure --enable-fhs --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --enable-debug --enable-selftest -j2 -p --cross-answers --cross-execute --enable-cups --disable-iprint --with-acl-support --enable-gnutls --with-profiling-data --with-systemd

  I have updated samba4 since then, now it is in the version 4.10.6
 The Operation System is CentOS 7, release 7.7.1908.

 I planed to upgrade to the stable version 4.11.4 and when run the command  ./configure with the usual parameters I have an error:

waf: error: no such option: --enable-gnutls

 Check in the parameters of that version and that parameter is absent.
 In wiki.samba.org say that when it is going to be updated (samba4) the same options must be used as when it was installed.
 In this situation, what can I do?
 Is possible to eliminate this option without having any future problems?
 Any suggestions?
 Thanks in advance for the attention.

Rommel Rodriguez Toirac
rommelrt at nauta.cu

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