[Samba] Connection dropping every 24 hours from Windows Client.

hans hans at sbsfor.com
Thu Jan 2 17:45:12 UTC 2020

I posted the following a month ago but have only managed to get to fixing on this over the holidays.  Rowland mentions that I needed to add my domain info, it’s now included and I still have the same issue.

Thanks and Happy New YearOld post begins below with edits
I have a problem with my Windows 10 drive connections dropping every 24
hours, very briefly.  It's enough to cause me to be unable to save my file,
or access a geodatabase.  I have followed much trouble shooting and I
believe that its due to the KDC Service ticket lifetime expiring, I have it
set for 24 hours in smb.conf. 

I have a Samba 4.9 DC and an Ubuntu 18.04 member file server where the
shares are running  4.7.6 and connected to the DC by Winbindd.  I notice
that when my 24 hours is up, smbstatus will show that I have a new PID.  The
files are unfortunately still being held open by the old PID and are no
longer accessible (I think.).

Here is the global part of my DC smb.conf
        workgroup = MYNET
        realm = mynet.mynet.com
        netbios name = MY_DC
        server role = active directory domain controller
        server services = s3fs, rpc, nbt, wrepl, ldap, cldap, kdc, drepl,
winbind, ntp_signd, kcc, dnsupdate
        idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes
        kdc:service ticket lifetime = 24
        kdc:user ticket lifetime = 360
        kdc:renewal lifetime = 1800
        dsdb:schema update allowed = true
        tls enabled  = yes
        tls keyfile  = tls/myKey.pem
        tls certfile = tls/myCert.pem
        tls cafile   =
        wins support = yes
        ldap server require strong auth = no
And here is the global part of my file server smb.conf

workgroup = MYNET
client signing = yes
client use spnego = yes
kerberos method = secrets and keytab
security = ads
vfs object = acl_xattr
map acl inherit = yes
hide unreadable = yes
winbind refresh tickets = Yes
idmap config * : backend = tdb
idmap config * : range = 3000-7999
idmap config MYNET : backend = rid     çadded as per Rowland
idmap config MYNET : range = 50000-1000000  ç added as per Rowland

                winbind use default domain = true
                winbind offline logon = false
                 winbind nss info = rfc2307
                 winbind enum users = yes
                winbind enum groups = yes
                store dos attributes = yes
When I used to host the shares on the same DC, I never had this trouble.
When I had kdc:service ticket lifetime = 10, then the connections dropped
every 10 hours.  Do I just keep upping that number to something useful and
hope I don't get hacked, or is there something else I am missing.  To me, it
sounds a lot like this problem,


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