[Samba] auto_private_groups analogue?

Christopher Cox chriscox at endlessnow.com
Fri Feb 28 00:00:05 UTC 2020

Maybe a workaround?  We use winbind and default domain.  Therefore there 
are two records from getent if there's a local user with the same name 
(and different uid).  However, I just did a test creating a local user 
with the uid from winbind and created the associated group.  So, for my 
cjcox test user when logged into a shell I get:

$ id
uid=16777219(cjcox) gid=16777219(cjcox) 
groups=16777219(cjcox),16777217(BUILTIN\users), etc...

and I only get one entry back from gentent passwd.

On 2/27/20 5:28 PM, Alexey A Nikitin via samba wrote:
> SSSD has auto_private_groups setting which effectively automatically creates a private user group when getting users from AD that either don't have gidNumber set for them or have gidNumber set to be the same as uidNumber. Is there any option in Winbind that could help achieve a similar result? Say, I have a user 'alexey' with uidNumber 1174235, when I run `id alexey` I want to get 'uid=1174235(alexey) gid=1174235(alexey)' instead of 'uid=1174235(alexey) gid=1174235' and a '/usr/bin/id: cannot find name for group ID 1174235' message when opening terminal.

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