[Samba] GPO redirected folders reg path issue

Philippe LeCavalier support at plecavalier.com
Wed Feb 26 15:09:26 UTC 2020

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 10:56 AM L.P.H. van Belle via samba <
samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> A setup on howto improve your samba network and simplify it.
> This is how i setup, sure looks dificult but its all about DNS setup and
> what you add to it.
> For AD-DC.s  ( AD, TIME, NS, LDAP )
> Hostname.FQDN.TLD : max 63chars, incl the .'s  allowed chars: a-Z 0-9 -
> Hostname : sam-dc1.internal.domain.tld
> IP         : what you need/want. ( example )
> PTR        :
> CNAME    : dc1 ns1 ldap1 ntp1
> Hostname : sam-dc2.internal.domain.tld
> IP         : what you need/want. ( example )
> PTR        :
> CNAME    : dc1 ns2 ldap2 ntp2
> For a MEMBER.
> Hostname.FQDN.TLD : max 254chars, incl the .'s  allowed chars: a-Z 0-9 -
> Hostname : sam-mem1.internal.domain.tld
> IP         : what you need/want. ( example )
> PTR        :
> CNAME    : fs1 (fileserver1)
> But also and this is just how may servers you setup.
> Think in web1 proxy1 cluster1  etc etc. these are always the ALIASES.
> And you can also say thing like this.

Started implementing this today in one site. I first started looking at it
using samba-tool with guidance from the wiki[1] and could easily see the
results nor could I easily add the records so I reverted to RSAT on a
desktop. I quickly noticed despite my thought of having added some of these
records that I solely relied on the samba-tool provisioning and had in
fact, not added any CNAME or PTR records as suggested above. So I proceeded
to add them. Based on the record examples provided above and the DNS
Management MMC snap-in tool I mistakenly omitted the FQDN in the data part
of both the CNAME and PTR records so when I applied the entries just about
everything stopped working; no logins no shares...etc. When I queried the
dns backend in samba I noticed the records I added were missing the "data"
part and quickly added my hostname.domain.tld to each and everything
started working again. -just wanted to add the story in case it helps
anyone following along. Personally, I'm always trying to steer away from
RSAT and administering anything from windows as a whole and would much
rather use samba-tool so I'm not reliant on a desktop but hey,,, it is a
windows based network afterall.

So now that the dust has settled (the whole ordeal was less than 15 minutes
so no big deal) I'm not seeing anything spectacularly different but it will
be interesting to see if I ever the issue stated in the original msg of
this thread.

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