[Samba] Pc's not added (shown) to AD after remove and re-add.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Feb 24 12:44:51 UTC 2020

After some "strange" pc problems with pc-domain trust i did some digging. 
Im pretty sure this is a samba bug, if someone can verify this. 
My steps. 
- Setup a win10 pc, static ip. 
- Join the domain. 
And its shown in AD and DNS. 
Turn of the pc. 
but, now next, set a new pc, use the same name but a different IP. 
join the domain. 
login and turn the pc offf 
Back to pc1. turn it on, your unable to login, the pc compains about its domain trust. 
Login as admin, remove the pc from the domain. 
i cleanup/checked where needed in AD and DNS if the old pc name and IP did exist, but no, its clean (looks like it). 
As of here i changed the pc name and ipnumbers to the correct ones. 
i now rejoin both pc's again. 
1 pc works 1 not. 
The one that does not work is the one if i lookup in the DNS and AD again,
Its just not there but the use is able to login. 
So, i wanted to clean up AD. 
samba-tool domain tombstones expunge
Removed 0 objects and 0 links successfully

? 0 removed... and im pretty sure i remove about 5 pc's from the domain today. 
samba-tool dbcheck
Checking 903 objects
Checked 903 objects (0 errors)

samba-tool dbcheck --cross-nc
Checking 5135 objects
Checked 5135 objects (0 errors)

if someone is able to verify this, i'll report it in bugzilla. 
My setup, Debian Buster Samba 4.11.6. 
AD-DC + Bind9_DLZ.

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