[Samba] GPO redirected folders reg path issue

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Feb 20 15:14:03 UTC 2020

We are not much off. But you have mixed "samba/window" and "windows/windows" settings. 
Samba/windows \\%logonserver%\home\%username%\desktop
Windows/windows \\hostname.fqdn.tld\users\%username%\desktop 

Guess, which one i use.  ;-)  

Now, do get where this is coming from. 
So use this (add CNAME for you member server ), Note, you MUST setup PTR records. 

And offcourse this is not correct. 

You "logon" server = the DC. Not the member. 

So my advice, setup as suggested, and im sure you never see this again. 



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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] GPO redirected folders reg path issue
> On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 9:28 AM Rowland penny via samba <
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> > On 20/02/2020 14:10, Philippe LeCavalier via samba wrote:
> > > Hi all,
> > >
> > > I have an issue at multiple sites that has been plaguing 
> me for a while.
> >
> > Hi, whilst you tell us what is wrong, you do not give us anything to
> > work with.
> Agreed. I'm posting this from a remote site where I don't 
> have easy access
> to either of the two main sites this is occurring on. I'll 
> gather that info
> up asap and get back to you (and Louis) Oh and Louis, I'm redirecting
> Desktop as well. So that's actually the first error that pops 
> up is access
> denied  for \\%logonserver%\home\%username%\desktop. Now that 
> I'm rereading
> myself, I wonder if the Home in the path is some sort of 
> trigger. Generally
> for practical reasons, I run QNAPs as file servers and QNAP 
> still uses the
> %home% variable so I make use of that feature to redirect to 
> \\QNAP\home
> and in the GPO it is \\QNAP\%USERNAME% which has worked very 
> well until
> those folders get redirected to the DC in err.
> Phil
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