[Samba] Provisioning fails - Codebase question

michael at chameleonoriginals.com michael at chameleonoriginals.com
Fri Feb 14 01:46:20 UTC 2020

I've tried your sources, and ran into a few errors/issues (not all 
resolved to date):
Each source directory must be owned by user _apt.  I receive permission 
denied errors if they are not owned by _apt.

As I proceed through the list of packages, I am encountering failures 
because previous builds/installs haven't been completed (necessary 
versions of packages aren't already installed or available).

For each package, I ran ./configure, make and make install, but as a 
noob at building from source, I'm stuck...
I see no indication that the package is installed, and am not finding 
any *.deb files

On 2020-02-12 18:46, Michael Hendricks via samba wrote:
> I had already found your work.  I abandoned your code, since the
> approach I tried within the last couple of weeks or so failed, since
> it (or my earlier work) didn't support arm64 architecture.  I'm hoping
> I just stepped away prematurely.  I have just gone from never building
> from source before to having made 40-plus attempts just within the
> last month, so have learned a lot since I first tried your code.
> Cross your fingers.  I'll give this a shot.  Your email takes steps
> towards answering questions I anticipated asking once I get Samba to
> build.
> If this does work, I'll need to "steal" some of your approach, since
> it breaks one of my core rules for the script I'm building.  I am
> making every effort to ask all questions within the first few minutes,
> and then let the user walk away until it has reached 100%.  I will
> gladly give you lots of credit in my repo's readme and the script
> itself!
> Especially since you include one-of-many choices, you may want to take
> a look at whiptail.  I know it's installed by default on raspbian and
> Ubuntu (as well as many other distros).  It offers radio lists,
> checklists, yes/no among other options in terminal sessions.  You can
> take a look at my repos at https://github.com/ChameleonGeek/
> (especially ebin-dc/kernel.sh).  I use whiptail extensively for user
> selection and inputs.  It prevents user typos and makes your scripts
> look more professional :)
> I hear you work with the RasPi.  So do I.  You might like the
> EspressoBin.  The support sucks, but the hardware is sweet.  It yawns
> where the RasPi sweats, and is still less than $100 US including SD
> card.  My project is an attempt to help work around some of the shoddy
> support.  It won't do some of the things the Pi does, but does some of
> the things the Pi can't.  It blows the Pi out of the water for
> anything that requires high network <-> drive performance.
> On 2020-02-12 08:05, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
>> #waving hi..
>> What i suggest to try, add the source line in apt also.
> Not quite sure what you mean by this...Add additional sources to
> /etc/apt/sources...?
>> Now, what might be a bit tricky.  The samba depends, IF you need to 
>> rebuild it.
>> And i suggest try first if it runs.
>> Yes, even if you run ubuntu..  And if it runs, then start rebuilding.
>> Now, i just added this to my repo,
>> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thctlo/samba4/master/get-samba-sources.sh
>> The content explains enough, short version.
>> Pull the sources and add them in the order of building.
>> And show the minimal samba requirement to build it with OS supplied 
>> packages.
>> or mine, even if you remove mine this still works.
>> If you just :
>> cd 01-talloc
>> apt-get build-dep talloc
>> apt-get source talloc -b
>> It already rebuilds.
>> Repeat for the others..
>> And, for every *.deb you builded, add these to a folder and create a 
>> local repo
>> Include this and repaet it every step.
>> Thats.. About this.
>> mkdir $HOME/local-repo
>> cp *.deb $HOME/local-repo/
>> cd $HOME/local-repo/
>> apt-ftparchive packages ./ > Packages
>> echo "deb [trusted=yes] file://$HOME/local-repo/ ./" >
>> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/local.list
>> apt-get update
>> Next.
>> Good luck..
>> Greetz,
>> Louis

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