[Samba] Compile with LDAPS - doesnt exist ENABLE_GNUTLS in version 4.11.6

David Coelho david.coelho at imd.ufrn.br
Wed Feb 12 13:50:17 UTC 2020


I'm reading the documentation at:

It says that to use TLS it is necessary to compile samba with
"To use TLS, Samba has to be compiled with„ --enable-gnutls “. To verify,
use the following command:
# smbd -b | grep "ENABLE_GNUTLS"

The problem is that this option does not exist for the samba-4.11.6
version. When I compile with this option it says:
waf: error: no such option: --enable-gnutls

Can anybody help me ?

*David Coelho*

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