[Samba] Failover DC did not work when Main DC failed

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Wed Feb 12 09:47:52 UTC 2020

On 11/02/2020 23:33, Kris Lou via samba wrote:
> Is DC4 listed in in an A record for your mycompany.com?
> Do logs show that it's answering requests during the course of a normal
> workday?
> If so ... time to simulate DC3 failure, I guess.

Hi Kris,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I've been using Samba for what seems like a lifetime and it's only by sheer fluke that this "bug / situation" was found where either Samba DC AD is not correct and/or the QNAP server does not like talking to the Samba 4 domain when one of the DCs is not available!

In answer to your questions...

Yes, DC4 is listed in an A record.

Which log file can I check, for either AD or DNS requests?

Yes, indeed... I am going to create 2 DC VMs on my laptop and turn one off to see what happens.

Stay tuned.



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