[Samba] Provisioning fails - Codebase question

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Feb 11 09:38:36 UTC 2020

On 10/02/2020 22:34, michael at chameleonoriginals.com wrote:
> I should have included this in the last response.  The ExpressoBin v7 
> has a Marvell Armada 3700LP (88F3720) dual core ARM Cortex A53 (arm64) 
> Seeing that Samba 4.7.6 isn't working, I have stepped into building 
> Samba from source (first attempt was 4.11.6).  After identifying quite 
> a few dependencies not listed on Samba's own page identifying Ubuntu 
> 18.04 dependencies, the make process seemed to go fairly well (but 
> with quite a few warnings).  Note that I'm giving Samba the benefit of 
> the doubt since I'm doing this on a SoC rather than a full PC or server.

Which set of dependencies did you follow ?

On our wiki page: 

There are two sets, an older set (that may or may not be correct) or the 
ones that you should follow, these are under the heading 'Verified 
Package Dependencies'

> After nearly two hours of apparent success in the compile process, it 
> completely blows up with a huge number of "libsamba-passdb.so: 
> <different function names> has been removed - please update major 
> version"
No real idea about this, perhaps missing dependencies leading to 
something not being built.
> I will be stepping back a few releases for the next attempt, but am 
> wondering if you could point me to a "build from source for dummies" 
> that doesn't fit the standard mold by speaking as if the user has done 
> so for years?

Not really, I haven't built Samba for sometime, but it was very simple, 
install the correct dependencies, run (as a normal user) './configure', 
followed by 'make', followed by (as root) 'make install'. This should 
lead to all of Samba being installed in /usr/local/samba

If you want to build Samba packages, then perhaps Louis can help here 
(when he gets time), he builds packages for the raspberrypi.


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