[Samba] samba_kcc issue after joining the domain as a DC

Alex samba at abisoft.biz
Mon Feb 10 14:56:09 UTC 2020

>> It's Centos 7. Samba 4.11.6 was built from sources.

> Where did the domain start from ? 2008R2 or earlier ?

Earlier. I guess it was since Windows Server 2000.

> Are the existing DCs DNS servers ?

At this moment I've created the DNS server on the primary DC, b/c I had issues
joining Samba to the domain before and now decided to test this type of setup.

> It seems to be having problems finding the 'DomainDnsZones' object.

After creating DNS server on the DC, this object does exist in the AD.

Best regards,
Alex Alex

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