[Samba] AD DC and file server on a virtual machine

kaffeesurrogat kaffeesurrogat at posteo.de
Fri Feb 7 19:07:41 UTC 2020

Dear Samba-List,

i'm new to the list and new to samba. Right now I'm trying setup a samba
ADDC serving around 50 Windows 10 clients and a couple of linux clients.

My ADDC Host has two NICs, eth0 should be connected to the wan -
network, eth1 should be connect to a 10.* network, serving the windows
and linux clients.

The ADDC is up and running, serving only the 10.* network. I established
a NAT service between the wan-network and the 10.* network. My windows
client are able to surf the www ;-), they connect to the domain. Since I
don't have another piece of extra hardware for the fileserver I did as
mentioned in the SambaWiki:

"If you do decide to use the Samba DC as a fileserver, please consider
running a VM, on the DC, containing a separate Samba Unix domain member
and use this instead."

I set up a virtual machine running linux as guest os, but to be honest,
i'm lost. I don't know how to integrate the virtual machine into the
10.* network to serve as a filesharer.

I've setup up a bridge interface br0 on the host, added an tap0 device
and the eth1 interface to the bridge. The tap0 is listening/connected to
the virtual machine, the br0 interface was assigned the IP of the eth1
interface, the eth1 interface ip was flushed, and the eth1 interface was
set into promisc-mode. The samba ADDC is now listenig to the br0
interface. This is working, the windows 10 clients can connect to the
ADDC .... But ...

The nating between br0 and eth0 doesn't work. Mmmmm, to be honest, it is
definitively a wise decision to hide my 10.* network behind nat.

Hope I was able to explain my problem. To set up the bridge I was
following the guide at:


Can someone on the list give me some general or even detailed directions?

Many thanks and enjoy your weekend,


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