[Samba] commiting SAM database

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Feb 6 09:27:21 UTC 2020

On 06/02/2020 08:13, Stefan Kania via samba wrote:
> We stopped the migration, because we had to many problems. For your
> information:
> The windows-domain was set up in 2002 with windows 2000 and was raised
> up to windows 2012 over the years. The domain is responsible for the
> login of all 20.000 students. So over the years they have over 170.000
> Objects. For the migration we used the 4.11 sernet-packages. We started
> with 32GB of RAM and noticed that this was not enough. We raised the RAM
> to 128GB. After reading all objects the system needed 28GB RAM but then
> the "commiting SAM database" process started and the RAM usage increases
> up to 68GB. Because we have to get the new domain running we stopped the
> migration after 28 hours. Because the original domain is getting all
> objects via an openLDAP (hiphiphuraaaa) we started with a new domain (I
> think it's the best way after 18 years) and now we are pushing all
> objects into the now domain. They getting a new storage and all the
> fileserver have to move anyway so the time is right for making
> everything new.

Stefan, you say it started out as a W2K and was raised to 2012, but was 
the DNS upgraded as well ?


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